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Usb Desk Lamp Project

Usb desk lamp – As a first step we must make a 5/16 “hole in the side of the galvanized tee. The hole is drilled just in the middle of the T. Secure the piece, so that it does not turn or fly away while we drill. Put to the T the continuous ropes and later the elbows. Then we put the 5 cm sections of 1/2 “pipe and finally the covers. Note: The non-slip gloves help us to be able to adjust the galvanized parts more easily. For this step we put a nut to each of the sections of 5 cm left. We have to screw the nut until the end. So that we have more free thread to mount the registration box and put the second nut.

Best Usb Desk Lamp

Best Usb Desk Lamp

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Now we put the nut 2 inside the registration box and introduce the sections with already have the nut 1 and turn the tube to adjust it. Finally we have the register box with 2 tubes up and down for the usb desk lamp. As a last step it is only necessary to adjust the tube below with the string of the T in the base. To wire the contact, first we passed the cable through the hole that we drilled at the beginning. The cable should exit through the bottom of the registration box. In this step we need to connect the cables that come out of the bottom with a length of cable that measures about 5 cm long.

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The 5cm cable will also be connected to a longer section of 10 cm, which will feed the lamp. Now we put each one of the ends of the cable that we wrap in the contact poles. Afterwards we adjust the cables in the poles, tightening with the cross screwdriver the lateral screws of the contact. Connect the USB and connect socket. Then we put the chassis with contact and USB charger in the boat and put the black lid. How last step we put the focus on your black screen and we have finished our usb desk lamp project.

usb desk lamp project

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