Upholstered Desk Chair with Wheels Ideas


Upholstered desk chair with wheels make moving furniture around the house less hassle. When one of the wheels stops rolling or breaks inside the chair, you must replace the caster. A complete caster set contains the link wheel and the link sleeve that the wheel fits in. Most large box hardware stores carry caster kits. Remove your wheels and take one to the store to buy wheels that are the same diameter.


Upholstered desk chair with wheels the wrong caster on its side. When replacing one wheel it is a good idea to replace all four wheels. This will ensure that the wheels are level and roll evenly. Pull out the castor wheel from the bottom of the chair. Depending on the wheel, you may be able to pull the wheel straight or thread the wheel spindle if you have a threaded caster. To remove a threaded caster, use a wrench to rotate the link wheel shaft counterclockwise. Inspect the caster sleeve inside the seat for damage. If there is damage to only one of the link sleeves, change all four. Insert a screwdriver between the lip of the caster sleeve and the bottom of the chair to bend up the sleeve. Pull the sleeve out of the chair with pliers.

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Upholstered desk chair with wheels check the hole for debris left by removing the caster sleeve. If the hole is very tired or broken in areas, you must fill the hole with a wooden stick. Take one of the link sleeves with you to a hardware store. Buy a new set of wheels, including the sleeves. If you need to repair the holes for link sleeves, buy control rods slightly larger in diameter than link sleeves. Drill the hole with a drill bit and the same diameter as the plug. Cut the wooden pin the length of the whole depth using a saw. Place a few drops of wood in the hole and spread the wood around the outer diameter of the wooden stick. Put the wooden stick in the hole and tap the plug using a club. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

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upholstered desk chair with wheels ideas

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