Tips For Buying Tiffany Style Desk Lamp


Tiffany style desk lamp have been hailed as a ‘Must Have’ piece of interior decor in most households. Their beauty is unprecedented and the make for very pretty focus pieces in desk. Their stained glass lamp shades are unique and highly sought after. Their craftsmanship is pristine and they are extremely valuable. They are one of a kind lamp and are a league apart. They have also been known to be collector’s items and have often been auctioned off at auctions hosted by large auction houses. There many pieces that have fetched millions of dollars every year. It hardly needs to be said that these are extremely expensive and cannot be afforded by just anybody. To those who don’t mind shelling out large sums of money to procure a piece can find them in lots of different shapes, sizes, types and colors.

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There are a few Tiffany style desk lamp among others Floral types and Dale and Butterfly types are also available. Cheap knock offs and counterfeit ones have also flooded the market. Whilst buying a Tiffany lamp you should be careful to purchase a genuine piece. There is a way to make sure for you. Many of them bear a specific signature which helps to distinguish it from the others. Some of them bear their model numbers stamped clearly which stand witness to their authenticity.

There are a few things to look out for when buying Tiffany style desk lamp. Of course budget cannot have too much to do with your choice because it is an investment in the beauty of the lamp. But you should have a clearly marked line in your head which you must not cross. The next thing to inspect is the lamp shade. You should look over the entire shade carefully to make sure there are no cracks or unnecessary bubbles in it because that will seriously diminish its beauty. Also you should hold the glass up to the light to see how it looks when illuminated. The glass should not be too dense because that will make the lamp dull; it needs to be bright. Also you should pick a color that matches the rest of the decor in your home. Also picking the size is important. If you are buying a desk lamp and it’s too small it will go unnoticed which will be a shame. Conversely, if it’s too big it will clutter the desk.

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tips for buying tiffany style desk lamp

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