Stationary Desk Chair Ideas


Stationary desk chair are often equipped with wheels or wheels to enable movement. However, a time when you no longer need mobility needs an office chair. You can quickly convert a rolling chair to a stationary chair by removing the wheels on the underside of the chair.


Place the seat on the back so that the wheels are off the floor and towards you. Take all wheels. Depending on the stationary desk chair, this can be done in two different ways. Keep the chair firmly and simply pull the wheels out of the leg / base of the chair. If the wheels are held in place with bolts, turn the bolts anti-clockwise until the wheel is released. Apply protective clothing to the chair legs. You can get pre-cut felt, cork or rubber cushions or gets a sheet and cut it to the right size. The stop protects the floor from damage.

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Tips and warnings

Be careful when sitting in the stationary desk chair for the first time, to ensure that the integrity of the chair is not affected during the removal wheel. Test the chair for stability. Turn the chair straight side up and gently sit down. If you have unusual furniture or simply want to decorate a room around a certain piece, you can change the decor and arrangement of the room to complement the request. A red leather sofa is alive and loud, moments get the focal position of the room it is in. By playing around the couch and laying other simple furniture like a white chair, you can create a room that is worthy of any interior design portfolio.

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Arrange the red leather sofa and white chair around a black coffee table. The black will go well with both the red sofa and white chair. Remove any other pieces of interior or furniture in the room that compete with or take the focal point of the red leather sofa. Keeping it easy to make the room pop without being too loud. Arrange all leftover furniture and furnishings to make the room as stylish as possible. Too much junk in combination with sofa, chair and table will make the room feel too busy and will be hard to relax in.

stationary desk chair ideas

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