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Stand Up Desk Store – If you are tired of spending hours and hours sitting in front of a screen, including back pain, this idea will interest you. The tables for standing work are not only really expensive but also are usually not very well designed. Two designers have created this impromptu table that is quite cheaper than other alternatives, fits at any height and is elegant and practical. It has two levels, one higher for the monitor, and the other lower for the keyboard or laptop. It consists of adjustable tables at different height thanks to lateral slots and also has holes for the cables and load the equipment.

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The good thing about this idea is its mobility. Probably nobody wants to be working standing up all day. If you want to alternate between working sitting and standing, the table seems manageable enough (weighs about 4 kilos) to remove and put once or twice a day on your current stand up desk store. It reduces the risk of suffering from serious diseases and increases life expectancy. The body produces more enzymes responsible for processing fats. You lose weight by burning more calories. Our muscles demand more oxygen and increase blood circulation, as well as heart rate. The back does not suffer the consequences of unattended or deficient postural hygiene. Increase attention

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Avoid, for example, excessive relaxation or feeling of drowsiness early in the day, after eating or at the end of the day, when fatigue is present. Start the day working standing: when we leave the desk, leave it elevated for the next morning. If you start the morning sitting down, you’re annoyed. You will not raise the desk. Nothing happens if we sit down. The majority of those who work in a raised stand up desk store combine their work routine with working hours sitting, either in front of the same desk (adjustable) or in a separate conventional table. Combine the routine on the raised desk with some music whenever possible.

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some models stand up desk store

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