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February 17, 2020 Desk Lamps

Painting Brass Desk Lamp

Brass desk lamp – Painting a brass lamp can give a new look to an old favorite. Painting can cover an ugly stain, or help to melt in an older lamp in new furnishings. For whatever reason, it is a task that will give a brass lamp a completely new look. It is a suitable project for a sunny day; lots of ventilation will be needed.

Brass Desk Lamp Adjustable

Brass Desk Lamp Adjustable


12 Inspiration Gallery from Painting Brass Desk Lamp

Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Vintage
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Unique
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Small
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Simple
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Rustic
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Original
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Modern
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Melrose
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Image
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Classic
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Antique
Image of: Brass Desk Lamp Adjustable

Thoroughly clean the brass desk lamp to remove dust and grease; dirt can affect the color later. Wipe the Liquid TSP lamp and a soft clean cloth until it is completely clean. Allow to dry thoroughly. Cover the areas that are not to be painted with masking tape. Place the lamp in a carton. This will prevent primer and paint from walking everywhere.

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Spray the lamp with a spray paint primer and let it dry. This is best done in several thin layers rather than some thick ones. The thicker the fur, the greater the chance of drip stains and uneven color later. Spray brass desk lamp with spray paint for metal. This is available in any home improvement or craft shop. Spray evenly over the entire lamp and allow the first coat to dry completely before the next coat. Apply several thin layers until desired appearance is achieved.

Tips and warnings

It is recommended to ventilate well when spray paint is used. Outside are best, but open windows will work just as well? Spray paint smoke can be hazardous. Wear protective clothing and glasses when working with spray paint. The centerpiece of your final table and the source of reading light in the late evenings, your brass lamp can play an important part in your home. As you see it, all the reasons for which you love your light weigh, you are surprised to find dark spots destroying its beautiful appearance. Brass is unfortunately quite sensitive to dishonor, a slow type of corrosion. These spots can look ugly now, but in a few short minutes you can completely remove them.

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