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Standing Desk Converter – We have already talked about the serious risks involved in spending many hours of the day sitting, and that the inclusion of exercises in our daily routine does not remedy, because, as soon as we do, the activity in the muscles of the legs stops, is reduced the consumption of calories, and enzymes that help to break down fat, are reduced to 90%. There are people who, in fact, have died from spending too many hours sitting. A solution that is gradually becoming popular among several users is the use of “Standing Desks”, or desks in which we work unemployed.

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The advantages that a standing desk converter that forces us to work on our feet brings us, is a higher caloric intake, a better posture, and force our body to, well, work as it should supposedly do. The problem is that most Standing Desks are expensive. And we cannot be sure of being able to make the “sacrifice” of abandoning the comfort of our chair and our current desk, by this system. But there is another solution, that of modifying our current desktop, to work standing up. That’s right, expensive investments are not needed; simply raise our monitor so that it is at the same height as our eyes, when we are standing. The keyboard, of course, should also be raised to a position where it is comfortable to reach and use, just like the mouse.

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None of the solutions is particularly “elegant”. It is, after all, to give us an idea of how it is to standing desk converter​work standing up for several hours, in front of the computer, instead of sitting down. The idea of ​​working at a standstill is something that has gradually been attracting me more and more, and I think I am ready to take the necessary step to, at least, try to work this way for a week. Lately, I’ve been having back pain, and no exercise in the gym seems to be the permanent solution.

new option standing desk converter

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