Modern White Office Desk Design


Modern white office desk – You spend most of your work life almost glued to a desk. This is where you draw your ideas, formulate your calculations and projections, make your plans, enter into business and carry out most of the activities associated with your work. Your desk must be inspiring and conducive to thinking and working. Unless it is prohibited by the company’s rules and regulations and following the overall aesthetics of the office, you can decorate your desk to make it your own personal space.

Depending on the size of your modern white office desk, you can add stackable trays to your working time folders so they are in available holders rather than just the regular in and out tray. Make your desk look nice and streamlined by getting a set of coordinated desk organizer like scratch paper dispenser, pen holder, tape dispenser, business card holder and stapler in a color that complement the color of your desktop or in your preferred color if it is possible. If you have a regular desktop, place it somewhere on one side of your desktop for a cleaner look. Use a cable wrapping or even twist tape to hold computer cables together.

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To decorate modern white office desk, place a small tent calendar to keep track of the dates. Add a bundle of memos next to the phone along with a pen to take short instructions, dates and phone numbers. Add a few items that you enjoy looking at or browse through. You may see a favorite cartoon character, souvenir item, a few inspirational books, a living plant, or a favorite holiday image. You can also show a miniature painting, landscape or image of a person you really admire. Add a desktop planner that will give you a bird’s eye view of what your day will be like and keep you updated about meetings and appointments. Get a digital clock that can show the time in different zones. It is useful if you do business internationally and have to make multiple phone calls in different areas of the globe.

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modern white office desk design

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