L Shaped Modern Desk Style


Make your own l shaped modern desk for your home office with melamine cover and filing cabinets. Mount one side of the desk to the wall to create a more stable height desktop surface. An L-shaped desk will provide an efficient workspace. One area can be for tasks related to the computer and another area can be for writing or other tasks that require a space free of clutter. Melamine is soft and easy to work with, making it an ideal surface for a desk made by you. The filing cabinets serve as storage space and also provide the desk legs.

Ideas for make l shaped modern desk, slide a search pin along the wall in the location you’ve selected for the desktop. Mark the location of each bolt on the wall with a pencil. Keep the 2 x 2 x 84 inch table (5 cm x 5 cm x 2.13 m) horizontally against the wall in the location selected for the desk. Make it at the height of the top edge of the table and adjust its height so that it is equal to that of metal filing cabinets. Insert a wood screw through the plate on the wall into each bolt marked with a screw gun to attach it to it. This is the assembly table. Place a melamine panel on top of the wall mounting plate at one end.

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Slide a filing cabinet under the edges of the l shaped modern desk surface. The cabinet mounted on the front wall should face out from the wall. The open-ended file cabinet over the L extension should be oriented towards the inside edge of the table for easy access. Place a metal L-clamp on the inside edge under the melamine panels where they meet and form a 90-degree angle. Center the clamp between the joint. Drive the screws included with the bracket through the mounting holes in the bottom of the melamine panels with an electric screwdriver.

l shaped modern desk style

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