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Glass desk name plates or table tents are used to help identify participants at lunches, meetings, congresses and other functions. They are located on the table where the participants sit. Name sheets may include the person’s name, title, company name and logo. The content should appear on both sides of the name plate, making it easy for people to find their places from both directions. Using Microsoft Word, you can make name tags for your next meeting or collection. Open Microsoft Word and go to file, then page setup. In the margin tab, select landscape for orientation. Change upper margin to 5.5 inches. Increase it if you need once your text is written in.

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Change the bottom, left and right margin to 0 inches and select OK. Click ignore in the error message. Enter content to the glass desk name plates, starting with the person’s name. On separate lines under the name, add the title and company name. Highlight the entire text and click the centering icon in the toolbar. Use a large sense script, such as Arial, Tahoma or Verdana. The font must be large and clear so that the participants can read the remote names. Enlarge and bold the name so it stands out from the remaining text.

For example, type your desk name plates by selecting file and then print preview. Do not forget to save your work. Put card in the printer feed tray and print a copy. Rotate the paper 180 degrees and place it back in the feed tray to print the opposite side of the nameplate. And then paste to glass desk name plate. Fold the nameplate in the middle so that it shows the content on both sides. Make sure that the text turns the right direction on both sides when it is placed on the table.

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ideas glass desk name plates

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