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Ergonomic Desk Chair – The ergonomic chairs are the ones that best adapt to the work environment. We tell you what characteristics they should have. It may not seem like an important issue, but choosing the perfect ergonomic chair for your desk or office can make a difference in your health and comfort. Sitting for long periods of time can put a lot of stress on the back and spine, which can cause serious problems and discomfort in the back. Learning more about choosing the right ergonomic chair for your office can help you avoid these health problems, improve your posture and maintain comfort during your working day.

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The height of the ergonomic desk chair must be fully adjustable. The seat of the chair should be easy to move up or down. This adjustment will allow people of different heights to sit comfortably in it. The ergonomic chairs are the most suitable for an office as they seek to adapt the product to the needs of human beings. An ergonomic chair provides support in the back and lowers back to avoid injury to people. There are four ergonomic criteria to consider when choosing a work chair with respect to its component parts: It must be wide enough so that the person can sit comfortably on it. It is recommended that it be 40 to 50 centimeters wide and that it be padded. It must have a pneumatic adjustment lever to adjust the height so that the person’s feet always touch the ground.

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The backrest of the chair should measure 30 to 48 centimeters wide and be adjustable in height, inclination, and firmness. It should be adjusted to the back with a knob, and support the lower back. Although they are optional, they are recommended for people who require stability in the hand, or who cannot support the forearm on the desk. The ergonomic desk chair must have five support points, preferably with wheels so that the worker can move freely and it is easy for him to change his position.

ergonomic desk chair furniture office

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