DIY L Shaped Office Desk


L shaped office desk – Commercially manufactured L-shaped desks can be quite expensive making your own is not as difficult as it may seem and will save you a lot of money. Lay a sheet of plywood on the floor and draw the outlines of a piece of L-desk using pencil and ruler. Draw a line measure the dimension total length gathered in the previous step and draw the line overall width from one end to get an L-shaped drawing on the plywood. At the opposite end of the line length, use the angle gauge to get a 45 degree line toward the second width line.

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Finally, draw a line that connects the top of the line width to the line angled 45 degree to get desktop disposition. Repeat this step on the other plywood sheet to get an identical piece. Put plywood sheets on a table so one end of the drawn desk protrudes from the top table. Cut the line of desk sticks from the table using the mutual saw. Sand all the timber desk legs and panel squares to remove all splints and cracks. Stand all the desk legs straight up and place a panel on each of the top ends so that the space creates a one-inch retiree around the leg. Sew a square to a leg with a single stitch and a hammer. Repeat on all six legs for L shaped office desk.

Lay two desks on the floor so the base faces upwards. Line two 45 degree angles towards each other to create an L shaped office desk. Turn the table legs upside down, so the squares face the floor. Place six table legs in the six 90-degree corners of the L-shaped desk. The panels must be lined up with the desk sides to create even leg placement. Nail the legs in place by inserting nails through the panels in the desk pieces. The two-leg oven of 45-degree angle cut will connect pieces.

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diy l shaped office desk

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