Corner Computer Desk for Multifunctional Solution


Corner Computer Desk – The functionality and ergonomics of corner desks are difficult to overestimate. The angled tables appeared long before computers were invented, at a time when the landscape of an office resembled a mountainous terrain made up of large white piles of papers and books. The typewriters were barely making a small gap between mounds of documents that needed to be classified. In order to increase the free space and the comfort of the workers, a 45 ° piece was incorporated into the traditional desks. And in this way corner tables appeared. This gesture not only provided more work surface but also more privacy for workers. In large offices without dividing walls, the angled tables enclosed a small personal space for each employee.

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With the emergence of computers and, later, laptops, the need to store printed information vanished, making it easier to maintain order in the workspaces. However, the angled corner computer desk continued to be used for their functionality and the solutions they offered. At present, the new designs have improved and present more contemporary aspects. Today we break a spear in favor of the optimization of space and we show you some examples that will help you to organize your workplaces and gives you ideas on how to arrange corner tables.

It is considered that the correct width of a corner computer desk should be similar to the length of four sheets of A4 size, which is approximately 1.20 meters but, what about its shape? If you look at the work table of the image, the curved interior shape embraces the user, allowing him to use more surface than he would use with a rectangular shape.  As we have mentioned in the introduction, this type of desk is widely used in open offices where many employees share the same collective space. Against dividing walls that create small private cubicles, we have opted for an open and fluid organization that allows natural lighting to flood the entire space. However, using corner tables manages to delimit small private areas that surround the worker and give him some independence. In addition, they also help to mark circulations by imposing order on open systems.

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corner computer desk for multifunctional solution

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