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The materials of a standing desk chair can be as diverse as your designs. One of the most used materials is leather. However, there are many models made of synthetic materials or imitations of leather. The foot of the chair is usually hard plastic or metal, the choice usually depends on personal taste, although it is important to ensure that the base is well secured on the wheels. Essential in your furniture! Not all office chairs have armrests. This additional element is necessary depending on the type of desk , and the rest habits.

If the desk is too low, the armrests are not the best option, as they can not go under the table. This would be very impractical, especially if you get used to sitting near the desk. In any case, the important thing is to be seated comfortably and make sure you can move your arms freely under the table. They will be perfect with your furniture! The backrest of an ordinary standing desk chair usually ends at shoulder height. However, there are chairs with higher backs, perfect for resting your head. Hence the idea of ​​an office chair with a headrest. If a chair of these characteristics is necessary or not, it will depend on personal needs and habits.

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This is the question many of us ask ourselves as we sit each day in our office chair . To find out if the office chairs have the height and position suitable for our needs, there are several criteria to assess. The sole of the feet should rest completely on the ground. When sitting, the thigh and the lower part of the leg should form a right angle. If the standing desk chair has armrests, they should have a position such that when the arms rest against the back they form a right angle, with the elbows perfectly supported on the armrests.

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comfortably standing desk chair

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