Choosing Rustic Desk Accessories


Rustic desk accessories – Buffets, donations and cupboards are some of the side tables used in the dining rooms. These tables provide extra space for food while people are dining as well as storage for bedding and table accessories. Decorating the wall above them is sometimes challenging because there is so much void to fill. The space however, needs only a small art or color to create a more beautiful look that complements the room.


Hang pictures on the wall above the rustic desk accessories. A single, large vertical image centered in the center of the table will help extend the appearance of the room while a large horizontal image will give it a longer look. You can also cluster three or four images together on one side of the table or use one level to put two or three images in a straight line along the back.

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Install a candlestick like a candelabra or wall shoots behind the table. Select rustic desk accessories that match the size of the table. For example, use a medium to large candlestick for a large table or a smaller one for a small table. Alternatively, you can use multiple candle holders lined up along the back of a long table. Fill candlesticks with unpainted candles. Scented candles can destroy the smell and taste of the food when people are dining. Paint the wall behind the table with a structured design, such as a faux paint wash. Use the color technology on the entire wall behind the table for a uniform look. You can also paint patterns, such as stripes, or use templates, such as vineyards, to create patterns on the wall.

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Tips and warnings

Put track lighting in above side tables so that you can focus the lighting specifically on your art or background, paying attention to the area.

choosing rustic desk accessories

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