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Personalized desk accessories – The return to school has already arrived and many of us are already spending most of the day in the office. One of the things that are most surprising from day to day is how difficult it is to keep the desk tidy. And it seems that the objects are multiplied on the table: clips, pens, pencils, papers, letters, notebooks … If we also like the craft world and scrapbooking, the amount of threads, ribbons, strings, scissors, washi tape and tools seems to grow at times. Having a clean office allows you to stay regulated and up-to-date, which is why it is essential that your place of work be 100% orderly, but always keeping a chic and inspiring air.

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The classic glass jar with lid that we often find as a container of cooked vegetables, jam or asparagus is an excellent ally when it comes to helping you personalized desk accessories elements such as pencils, pens, rulers, scissors, seals or erasers. And, in his second life, glass jars are not only great pens: in them you can store anything that you should have in large quantities during your work hours. And if you also give them a coat of paint, they will look twice as much.

When we think of an office or a work table, most of us imagine the walls covered with shelves. But there are alternatives more interesting than the option of the shelf and that will help us much more to keep the space organized. Try replacing the usual shelf with a custom made wall organizer and you’ll see what a difference it is. It’s about fitting in the wall with a certain elegance all the elements that will help you perform your work: blackboards, clipboards, calendars -like this with washi tape that we taught you to do a few days ago-, cork panels and even small drawers … Here are several images of personalized desk accessories to inspire you.

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chic and tidy personalized desk accessories

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