Building Corner Desk with Hutch


Corner desk with hutch – College dorms are notoriously small. The schools must accommodate a large number of students in small areas. It is not uncommon for dorms to have double, triple or quadruple occupancy. Most dorms give you a bed, chest of drawers and desk. You will probably find that your desk does not provide enough space for books, computer equipment, and work areas. If you are building a rabbit cage, make sure it does not cling to the desk or you can be loaded with damage when moving out.


Measure the width of the corner desk with hutch. Add 3 inches to each side of the measurement. The frame will go outside the desk. For clarity this example assumes the desk is 30 inches wide; therefore, you need 36 inches of width. Measure and cut eight 2-by-4 planks width calculated in step 1 (36 inches). Measure and cut eight 2-of-4 planks 4 inches long. Install four shelves frames. Each frame needs two 36-inch planks for width and two 4-inch planks for the length. Place the shorter shelf between the longer planks 3 inches from each end.

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Drill a hole in the 36-inch planks to meet the 4-inch plank. Fit the screws and tighten. Note: A frame will not be used as a shelf, but as a base under the corner desk with hutch. Measure and cut four 2-by-4 planks to a length of 6 meters. Measure and mark the first shelf height. This shelf will actually sit on the desk, so the best way to measure this is to sit one of the frames on the desk and straighten the boards against it and mark them.

Drilling two holes thought the planks where they will meet in the frame – one on the front and one on the back. Measure and mark the height of the next two shelves and bottom frame. You can customize your hutch based on computer screen size or other desktop needs. Cut the plywood and sit on each of the frames. Nail in place along the frame. Screw all the shelves in your side post planks. Secure them tightly. Sit over the desk.

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building corner desk with hutch

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