Build White L Shaped Desk


A white L shaped desk fits tightly into the corner of a room that gives the table a wrapping distance effect. This white L shaped desk design is cheap, great color and easy to mount and efficient. This desk takes about an hour to an hour and a half to build. Read on to learn how to build an L-shaped desktop. Cut sheets of plywood diagonally. Start at 24 inches up on the 8-foot side. The diagonal cut ends 24 inches from the end of the other side of the forest. Cut 18-inch trim in four equal lengths. Measure the height of filing cabinets. Cut 1 by 8 table in two equal pieces. For example, your application cabins, if there are 2 meters height, the 1 by 8 board must be 4 meters long. After it is cut, it will be in two 2 meter pieces.

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And then, paint the plywood and 1 by 8 board and let them dry. Create a “V” form with 1 by 8 board. Screw them together. Put them in the corner with the point facing out. Then, place the plywood up and down the floor. Assemble diagonal cuts together to create the white L shaped desk. Attach loop and “V” bracket to the area where boards are connected. This sells them together. Place boards on the corner 1 by 8 arb. And then, push archive shelves under each end. The easiest way to do this is to have someone keep plywood while another slides in the closets.

Then, mark the bottom of the plywood with the width of each individual cabinet. Fit a trim piece to each side of the file cabinet with two screws. Also put pullers around the outside of the white L shaped desk. Iron around the edge to make the glue stick to the tree. Make it with good your plan. Then do it with carefully.

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build white l shaped desk

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