Best Frosted Glass Desk Design


Making a frosted glass desk can be a wonderful way to not only create some unique furniture for your home, but also a way to preserve memories. The best part is that you can make a glass table of almost anything. Ideas for create best frosted glass desk, find a base for your frosted glass desk. This could be anything: an existing coffee table, a stroller or pallets. Prepare the base. If you work with a pram, you must remove the carriage and leave the frame and wheels only. If you work with an existing table, you must change the table by either deleting the existing top or adding the pages.

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Create frosted glass desk, change the pages of the existing table by measuring the table top and cutting boards to match the width and length. Sand wood to make it smooth and secure it to the table sides with nail or screw. By adding the sides of the table you create a place not only set glass for a frosted glass desk, but a place to add pictures, a map of a particular place, drawings or other objects under the glass.

Place the glass in place. If you work with a pram, you can attach the glass to the frame with double sided suction cups. If you work with an existing table as you removed the top, solidify the glass with clear glue. For the table with the modified pages, simply lay the glass plate in place. Tip to create the best frosted glass desk design is a must for this project, especially of yours having children. Due to the way hardened glass is manufactured, it is stronger than conventional glass. Even more importantly, when it nods, it breaks into very small pieces that do not have any dangerous, uneven edges.

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best frosted glass desk design

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