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February 12, 2020 Black Desk

Beautiful Black Wood Desk

Black wood desk – other day I saw myself in task of making a desk to work at home. I did not want to buy one, I wanted to do it myself; and in end I decided to make one with a pair of easels of pine wood and a wooden envelope, also pine, but this one with pickled or aged effect. If you do not know very well what I’m talking about, here you can see this beautiful effect to paint a piece of furniture, white, with an aged effect. Fact is that when doing this task, I realized that in Mil Ideas we did not have any article in which you could see ideas to make desks, and, in addition to finishing my own desk.

Awesome Black Wood Desk

Awesome Black Wood Desk

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If we take advantage of two parts of table, we can get two beautiful black wood desks. To cut table, if we do not have a wood saw, we can always go to a workshop to do us favor. They will cut us in a moment and if they do not charge us anything, we can always leave them a tip. Once table is cut, it is convenient to sand it, either with an electric, pneumatic or hand sander; and once well sanded and clean, we proceed to paint color that we like, preferably with synthetic enamel, water or solvent. Once table is dry, we can install it on wall.

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Another way to make a homemade desk is as you could see in images above, with drawers. If we have a drawer, we can always use it to install a wooden board, which acts as a desktop envelope. If we follow this idea, when time comes to paint black wood desks, paint that is needed is synthetic enamel, water or solvent, to apply on board, previously sanded and cleaned. This way of making a desk is really simple. Simply put a wood that we have chosen, on top of a chest of drawers. Wood can be ordered as such, or take advantage of any that we already have. Here we can see another desk made in same way.

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beautiful black wood desk

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