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Ikea Secretary Desk is one of the most popular products of Ikea. This property is also known as escritoire, which mean a property made of wide drawers in its base topped by a desk with hinged desktop surface. Then, the surface is also topped by a bookcase, which come usually with a pair of closed door.

As the one of best property manufacture in the world, Ikea always provides the great product to pleasant their worldwide customers. Here, for the secretary desk, Ikea not only provide a good product with a high quality but also does some innovations, which never happen before. Here we will see the options of secretary desk from Ikea.

Good Options of Ikea Secretary Desk

Hemnes Secretary Desk

The first secretary desk from Ikea, which could be chosen as the favorite is the Hemnes. The secretary desk comes with the natural-original color of the materials, which show a simple but elegant appearance. The main material of this product is solid pine, which is combined with fiberboard and stain. Combination of the material will deliver a strong property, which could be used in years.

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The secretary desk is also nice by the built-in cable management. This feature is good, especially to help the people in collecting cables when they are placing computer in the desk. Then, a good matter of this Ikea Secretary Desk is the shelves and feet are adjustable, so people could customize it as they want. For the care instructions, the desk could be treated by clean wiping using the damp cloth and mild cleaner. Then, dry it with the clean cloth.

Ikea PS 2014

Ikea PS 2014 is the second secretary desk, which you may choose for the favorite. Different with the first product, this desk is lighter and simpler. The appearance of the desk is quite slim, so it could be placed well for the minimalist office. In other hand, the desk has a bright and shining color, which will make it fresh. The base color of the whole desk is orange but people may find other colors.

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The nice Ikea Secretary Desk here has some great features to pleasant the customers. It has the cable outlets, which will be good for the easy cable management. Then, people are also easy to keep the clean look of the desk by folding up the leaf and open it to make a space for working. Above the desk, there is a nice box, which could be used as a bookcase. For cleaning instruction, the desk could be treated by mild cleaner and then drying using clean cloth.

The two options of the secretary desk as above could be the considerations when you want to find good Ikea Secretary Desk. Since Ikea is a greatest property vendor in the world, people do not need to worry about the quality of the product. See the catalogue to find the other products of Ikea. For additional, choosing the property also should consider the size of desk and space of room for getting the neat arrangement for good decoration result.

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amazing ikea secretary desk

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