Add L Shaped Desk with Hutch


L shaped desk with hutch – With basic woodworking skills and some simple tools, you should be able to make a hutch with some shelves for a few hours. If you are a skilled woodworker, you can also add doors and drawers to Hutch and vary the size of the openings. Measure the width and depth of your desk. A Hutch will generally be as wide as the desktop and one third of the depth of the desktop. The height depends on how many shelves you want to have. When choosing timber, 1/2 inch thick guy in one foot at eight meter boards should work well. Cut two pieces of timber to the height you want your Hutch.

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A basic L shaped desk with hutch could be two feet high with two horizontal shelves placed in heights of your choice. Measure and mark the position of the shelves on the inside of your two uprights based on the height you want your shelves. Live two small pilot holes per shelf on each upright. Drill the holes about two inches from the front and back edges of the posts.  Insert angle shelf galvanized supports in the posts. A shelf zinc support has a load capacity of 25 pounds, and these are sufficient to hold the shelves in place firmly.

Cut 1/4 inch plywood to the size of L shaped desk with hutch. This is the height of cage with the width of the cage. Plywood forms rectangular backplate on Hutch. Staple the back cover to the back of the two posts. Place the posts and backing on the desk and slide the shelves in place. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the backplate to allow the computer and other wires to run down the back of the desktop. This is not necessary if you are using wireless equipment. When you are happy with your construction, you can take Hutch into the garage.

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add l shaped desk with hutch

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